Parent/Guardian Verification & Consent

Download the form and instructions on how to provide consent and enable a Parent/Guardian PIN in the app! Please email to

Our commitment to Children’s Privacy: WidgetBaby is designed for all audiences. The app has a largely mixed user audience, and we don’t target the App to any one primary audience. However we do understand in some cases the app may appeal to Children. When we detect the user is a Child, we take additional measures by default to protect Children’s privacy and safety in the Service. As a result, certain features may be gated and additional privacy measures in place to protect these users. You can always learn more in our full Privacy Policy Here.

Why this form? – We always believe parents and guardians should have the ultimate control over their Children’s app use, and so we provide a verifiable consent ( Learn More ) option for letting parents specifically configure the app and additional features as appropriate for their Child User(s).