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Common Privacy Questions & FAQs

Why does it ask for my age when I first launch the app?

We are committed to and work hard to make WidgetBaby! safe and appropriate for all audiences. We ask for users’ age when first on-boarding and launching the app so we can configure the app appropriately for age specific features and respect your privacy in accordance with all local privacy regulations. You can always learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Why does it ask for my parent’s help when I first launch the app?

We are committed to and work hard to make WidgetBaby! safe and appropriate for all audiences. We always ask children’s parents to help in the on-boarding process. This is necessary for agreeing to our terms/privacy policies and is important to respecting your privacy and safety. Our Privacy Policy outlines special and additional measures we take to make the app safe and friendly for any Children users.

We firmly believe parents should have choices and control over their children’s mobile app use. If you are a parent and have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help however we can!

Can my widget baby die?

Nope! No worries here, widget babies are quite hearty and literally indestructible.

What is a widget baby?

A widget baby is a cute, fictional, digital, and virtual baby companion. Widget babies are not real or human in any forms, and shouldn’t be compared directly. Instead, widget babies and are quite unique in their own ways. Your widget baby’s intelligence, sense of adventure, and independence may often surprise you. Don’t worry though, a widget baby will need quite a bit of TLC too!

Widget babies are the perfect, adorable, and entertaining addition to your home screen as a widget and on your Apple watch.

Where do widget babies come from?

Hm. Never thought you’d ask! We’ll since widget babies are not real babies of course, they must have teleported here from the digital universe…..don’t worry, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around this too 😉

In all seriousness though, widget babies are brought to life behind the scenes in WidgetBaby! with some creativity and code, while the artwork and images representing the babies are used under paid license from

Help! My widget baby is sick!

Ok, it happens to the best of us. No worries though, your widget baby will always get better soon with some care and time.

Pro Tip: If you have any medicine available in your widget baby supply backpack, this can make your baby better right away.

Where is the supply backpack at?

You can find your widget baby’s supply backpack under the more options menu (three blue dots in upper left corner). It’s the red backpack icon.

What’s a checkup do for my widget baby?

A checkup provides your widget baby with health and immunity so they will be safe from getting sick for a period of time. Checkups are found in the supplies backpack. To check if your baby is protected/immune currently, you can always tap on the red heart icon below your baby in the main app to see its current health stats.

Can I transfer my widget baby to a new device?

Yes, usually you can and your widget baby should be stored in your iCloud linked to your Apple ID. However this ultimately depends on if you’ve appropriately enabled iCloud and permissions for WidgetBaby!

Pro Tip: Before changing devices or deleting the app, we advise verifying your devices iCloud settings are enabled for WidgetBaby!. If you are just recently enabling iCloud make sure to use the WidgetBaby! app for a bit after on your device so things can sync before looking for your baby(ies) on your other device(s), etc.

Can I put my widget baby on my Apple Watch?


WidgetBaby! is available on the Apple Watch as a companion app when installed on your iPhone also. You can feed, sleep, and soothe your widget baby right on your wrist so they’re with you all the time!

What are WidgetBaby Escapes?

Escapes are available as part of the Expanded Baby Pack upgrade and/or the Unlimited All Access Bundle. Learn more in the in-app purchase shop in the app under the more options menu (three blue dots upper right corner) and then green shopping cart icon.

WidgetBaby Escapes are special or festive “escapes” and little “mini-vacations” you can send and share with your widget baby. Your widget baby will have a unique reaction often for certain Escapes and their widget will update to reflect the appropriate Escape.

Do widget babies ever grow up?

Great question! The cool fact about your virtual widget baby is they never change from their cute and adorable states. Your widget baby may celebrate birthdays in days, months, and years since you’ve adopted it and Level up to new levels in the game. However, your widget baby’s appearance and state will not change.

How long does a widget baby live for?

Indefinitely! There is no limit – ah the perks of being digital and virtual. Don’t we all wish we were 😉

How do I add my widget baby to my home screen as a widget?

1) long press down anywhere on your home screen until all the icons start “wiggling”

2) then tap the (+) that appears at one of the upper corners of your screen

3) search for “WidgetBaby”

4) scroll all the way to the left until you see “My WidgetBaby Widget 1” (or the proper widget for the widget baby you’ve made) and then select either the small or large format widget and tap “Add Widget”

5) If you still have trouble or problems, please reach out to us at of via the form on our contact page and we’ll be happy to help!

Can I restore a past in app purchase if I reinstall or change devices?

You can restore past purchases that are associated with the currently signed in Apple ID on your device. Just tap on the “foot print” logo at the upper right corner of any baby’s page in the app and then the “restore purchases” button.

Pro Tip: If you have iCloud setup for Keychain, your purchases should sync between all your devices using the same Apple ID.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here or need any other help, please let us know via the contact form on the “Contact Us” tab above. We’re always more than happy to help however we can 🙂 Thanks for playing WidgetBaby!

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